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Warm tropical temperatures, great sandy beaches, abundance of sea life and great visibility make water activities all the more memorable and enjoyable for this unique watercraft.

The SeaBob is the latest and greatest technology serving as your own personal submarine. It’s an advanced eco-friendly water sled propelled by a pollution free E-jet power system and designed for speed and pleasure. Depending on the water conditions, speed ‘over’ water can be up to 15 km/h and ‘under’ water up to 11 km/h. Steering and diving is easy, just shift your bodyweight to the desired direction.

You can dive up to 40 meters with the SeaBob, but depth is regulated for safety reasons to a maximum of 2.5 meters. So it’s safe and kid friendly for ages 16 and up and can be enjoyed alone, with family or friends. It’s a cool way to explore the clear waters of Curaҫao feeling like a Dolphin cutting smoothly and silently through the water.

Our professional guide(s) will take you on a thrilling adventure while visiting the most beautiful spots here on the island. You’re in for the experience of a lifetime!

Prior to this tour here will be an introduction, where the guide diver will explain the safety rules after which you will sign a “waiver of claims” for acknowledgement of the rules and regulations. He will also explain how to manage the SeaBob and let you practice in shallow water before heading out to the deeper parts of the sea.

Price: $85
Underwater photos: $15
Duration: 1,5 hour (including instructions & practice)
Participants: min 2 – max 4
Location 1: Tugboat beach
Tour 1: The sunken Tugboat, the wall of corals & Director’s bay
Location 2: Playa Piskado
Tour 2: Beach hopping (to playa Forti & Kalki) & swim with the turtles

Hookah Diving & Snorkeling

Hookah divingFor those who dare go beyond just snorkeling, we offer surface supplied air diving or “Hookah diving” which is diving with a third lung at the surface. You are connected to a peloton hose system that allows you to breathe and explore the underwater world 3-D at your own level of comfort. It’s easy, requires no previous experience or certification and is for those who are in good health and feel comfortable under water. It’s a fun and relaxed activity for the entire family (12+). Depending on the location of your choice, you can either admire the tugboat & the wall of corals or visit the underwater statue Neptune & swim with the turtles. The spectacular underwater photos taken during the tour will be your life time memory of this unique experience.

Prior to this tour the certified guide diver will instruct you and have you sign the “waiver of claims” for acknowledgement of the safety rules and regulations. Also, the guide diver will gear you up, explain the safety rules and allow you the time to feel at ease with this diving gear before diving with you to your level of comfort.

Price: $45
Underwater photos: $15
Duration: 1 hour (including instructions & gear up)
Participants: min 2 – max 4
Location 1: Tugboat beach
Tour 1: to the sunken Tugboat & the coral wall
Location 2: Playa Piscado
Tour 2: Swim with the turtles & visit the underwater statue of Neptunes

Packages & prices
The price of priceless memories
Hookah Diving
Per person

- 1 hour tour
- Diving equipment
- Underwater photos (+ $15)

Per person

- 1 1/2 hour tour
- Mask
- Underwater photos (+ $15)

SeaBob, Hookah Diving & Snorkeling
Per person

- 2 hour tour
- Mask
- Diving equipment
- Snorkeling equipment
- Underwater photos (+ $20)

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