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It’s a big world down there waiting to be explored!


The main focus here is speed and pleasure on the water surface and admiring the underwater wonders. Whether chilling, speeding or diving, the SeaBob glides powerfully along with you. So for an ultimate adventure and adrenaline rush, turn on the power and speed away to the experience of a lifetime.

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Hookah Diving

This is like snorkeling & diving at the same time but with a third lung at the surface. You’re connected to a hose system that allows you to breathe and explore the underwater world 3-D at your own level of comfort. It’s easy and requires no previous experience or certification.

Info & Booking
Packages & prices
The price of priceless memories
Hookah Diving
Per person

- 1 hour tour
- Diving equipment
- Underwater photos (+ $15)

Per person

- 1 1/2 hour tour
- Mask
- Underwater photos (+ $15)

SeaBob, Hookah Diving & Snorkeling
Per person

- 2 hour tour
- Mask
- Diving equipment
- Snorkeling equipment
- Underwater photos (+ $20)

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